School Holiday Booking - Target Rd School

aPlus School Holiday Programmes run from 8.30am to 3pm each day, with additional care available at Target Rd School from 7am and from 3pm to 6pm - simply select any additional care you require when booking.

Each day make sure you pack a morning snack, lunch, water bottle, sunhat, sunscreen and appropriate clothing for the day. It’s entirely possible children might get wet or messy on some of our programmes so an optional change of clothes is recommended. Children staying after 3pm will be provided with a yummy snack to get them through the afternoon. Be sure to pack togs and a towel during the summer holidays!

If you need any help please get in touch! You can email us anytime at or call our office on (09) 443-5386

Items in red must be completed before booking can be processed.

Please Note: Credit card payments incur a 5% surcharge. Internet Banking payments do not incur this fee.

Primary Contact
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Date of Birth: YYYY-MM-DD
WINZ Client No (if applying for WINZ subsidy)
Secondary Contact
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Alternative Contacts
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Additional Information

Names of People That are Definitely NOT Authorised to Collect Your Child(ren):

give permission for aPlus to use any photos taken of my child(ren) engaged in an activity with aPlus Out of School Care or Sports Academy, for publicity and promotional purposes.

   Terms & Conditions - Auckland

aPlus Out of School Care Limited


Effective 1st May 2015

  1. General

aPlus Out of School Care Limited (herein referred to as ‘aPlus’) reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions and attached Schedules at any time without notice.

    1. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

By booking care for your child/ren with aPlus, either online at or by phone, you are indicating your acceptance of the aPlus Terms and Conditions, and all attached schedules, contained herein.

    1. Provision of Care

aPlus reserves the right to refuse care to any person/s for any reason, at any time.

  1. Bookings

Payment for out of school care is required PRIOR to care commencing, unless a payment plan has been established with aPlus by phoning the office on 0800 423 400 or emailing us on Failure to make payment prior to care commencing may result in cancellation of care.

    1. Confirmation of Care

Once your booking is received a place is confirmed for your child and appropriate charges are payable. In all cases, aPlus reserves the right to refuse care in the event of non-payment or violation of aPlus Behaviour Management conditions. Should you no longer require the booked care please refer to 2.ii. below.

    1. Changes to Bookings

Please notify the office as soon as you are aware of changes to your booking either by phone 0800 423 400 or email Should your circumstances change or care is no longer required, whether a one-off or permanent change, your account will be credited with the value of the cancelled care provided aPlus is notified of the change by 12noon on the Friday of the week prior to care commencing. Any changes or cancellations after this time will be charged as normal.

    1. Late Bookings

Bookings received after 12noon of the Friday of the week prior to cut-off will automatically be extended to centre close and charged at the aPlus Late Booking Rate (see Fee Schedule for details). While aPlus will make every effort to accommodate your request, spaces are limited so late bookings cannot be guaranteed.

    1. Casual Care (No booking)

In the instance a child attends an aPlus programme and has not been booked in advance, care will be provided until centre close and the aPlus Casual Care rate will be charged (see Fee Schedule for details). While aPlus will make every effort to accommodate your request, spaces are limited so casual care cannot be guaranteed.

    1. Work and Income Subsidies

Families entitled to receive a Work and Income subsidy for childcare are required to book for the entire term, unless on shift work. Please contact aPlus on 0800 423 400 if this affects you. Weekly payment of any charges not covered by the subsidy is required by 12noon of the Friday prior to care commencing. Please note: it is your responsibility to notify WINZ immediately should you circumstances change.

Please Note: When required, extended sessions may be available for early school closures at additional cost - check availability with your school.

  1. Accounts/Payment

In all cases accounts must be paid at least one week in advance, with payment being received by us no later than 12noon Friday of the week prior to care commencing. Payment plans for term bookings are accepted provided accounts are maintained one week in advance.

    1. Statements

Statements are sent out weekly for accounts with current or overdue balances. Accounts with credit balances will not receive a statement. Account enquiries can be made by phoning 0800 423 400. You may be asked security questions to confirm your identity (refer to Privacy section below).

    1. Paying your Account

aPlus prefers payment by bank transfer to our account 38-9015-0327090-01. aPlus also welcomes payment by cheque (cheque fee applies) and credit card (processing fee applies). In the interest of security we do not accept cash payments at our centres.

    1. Accounts in Credit

There are no refunds for prepaid fees, credits on your account or overpayments. Credit balances can be applied to future Before or After School Care or School Holiday Programmes. Please manage your payments so that you are not too far in credit as there are no refunds.

    1. Overdue Accounts

A Late Payment Fee (see Fee Schedule for details) may be charged each week an account retains an outstanding balance at the time weekly statements are sent out, unless a payment plan has been agreed upon with aPlus. Should you be experiencing difficulty with paying your account please call our office immediately to avoid further fees. Failure to settle an overdue account or adhere to payment plan terms may result in cancellation of care.

    1. Unpaid Accounts

aPlus may refer any account remaining unpaid after 6 weeks to a Debt Collection agency using the information provided on your enrolment form. Late Payment Fees may still apply and all charges relating to the debt, and/or collection of it, is fully payable by the person/s named on the enrolment form. If an account is in arrears, information about the person and the amount owing may be published on our website or at our centres. This information will be removed immediately upon receipt of payment. Should the account be referred to District Court then all court costs will be borne by the person/s named on the enrolment form.

  1. Incidents/Accidents

Should an incident/accident occur while your child/ren is in the care of aPlus a detailed incident/accident report will be completed by attending staff. The report will be made available to the parent/caregiver collecting the child/ren for signing to indicate their acknowledgement.

    1. Incidents

aPlus has a Zero Tolerance Policy to bullying, hitting, use of inappropriate language or disruption of our programme. If a child presents a possible danger to any person, or repeatedly shows a lack of respect to staff by consistently failing to follow reasonable directions, the child may be suspended or permanently removed from the programme. If a child is removed from our programmes for this reason, their behaviour may be reported to Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children. aPlus is legally required to follow the Ministry's guidelines in reporting suspicions of child abuse.

    1. Accidents

While the utmost care is taken with children in our care, accidents may occur at any time. aPlus Centre staff hold current First Aid Certification and use their discretion when administering first aid to your child/ren. Should an accident be deemed serious, aPlus staff will contact emergency services immediately (if required) and office staff will contact you on the numbers provided. Please ensure our office has your current contact details at all times.

  1. Transport

    1. Before Care

Children are required to make their own way from their classroom to the aPlus centre, unless prior arrangements have been made. aPlus will arrange for a staff member to collect new entrants from their classroom on request.

    1. During Care

At times, the activities on an aPlus programme require children to be transported offsite. Transport options include, and are not limited to, buses, taxis, shuttle buses or walking. By booking your child/ren on an aPlus programme requiring transport, you give permission for aPlus to transport the named child/ren as required.

  1. Drop Off and Collection of Child/ren

    1. Sign In and Sign Out

All children attending an aPlus programme MUST be signed in on drop off to our centre and signed out prior to departure from our care. aPlus is not permitted to release a child from the programme unless signed out by their parent or authorised caregiver over 14 years of age. aPlus must be informed if a person other than those specified on enrolment will be collecting your child/ren.

    1. Unadvised Absence

Failure to advise aPlus of an absence prior to the booked session commencing may incur additional charges (see Fee Schedule for details).

    1. Late Collection

Collection of a child/ren after the conclusion of their booked session time will incur additional charges which will be added to your account (see Fee Schedule for details).

    1. After Hours Collection

aPlus centres close at 6pm sharp (5:30pm for selected centres). Collection of a child/ren after this time will incur additional charges which will be added to your account (see Fee Schedule for details). aPlus reserve the right to discontinue care for repeat occurrences.

  1. Security

    1. Personal Belongings

aPlus accepts no responsibility for the security of any personal items a child may bring to the programme e.g. money, toys, electronics. Should you need to contact your child during the programme, call the office on 0800 423 400 and we will pass the message on. The use of mobile phones while in the care of aPlus is not permitted.

    1. Indemnity

aPlus management, employees, servants and agents, schools and schools Board of Trustees are not liable for any personal injury or damage to property while in the care of aPlus, howsoever occurring.

    1. Damage to Property

Any costs associated with damage to property or persons caused by a child whilst in an aPlus programme will be passed on to the parent/caregiver responsible for that child.

  1. Feedback

As an organisation dedicated to continuous improvement, aPlus welcomes your feedback. Should you have any queries or concerns, feedback forms are available at every centre for you to complete and return to us.

    1. aPlus Complaints Process

    1. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to speak with the Centre Supervisor in the first instance or contact aPlus’ Director of Operations directly on 0800 423 400 or email

    2. Complaints are allocated to a management team member to review. In the first instance, the manager conducting the review will contact the parent/caregiver to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and to outline the process of the review.

    3. A Complaint Review Report will be compiled within 5 days of initial management contact. This report outlines the complaint, the steps undertaken to investigate the issues and the actions taken by aPlus to address the problem.

    4. The parent/caregiver will be emailed a copy of the Complaint Review Report. Any action to be taken (e.g. Behaviour Management) will commence at an agreed time with parent/caregiver and manager reviews to be conducted at agreed intervals.

    5. Once both parties are satisfied, the complaint will be summarised and closed.

  1. Privacy

The collection and use of any information about yourself or children attending aPlus programmes is governed by the Privacy Act 1993. All information you provide to aPlus is stored in a safe, secure place. You may access and correct any information held. Any personal information may be used in the development and the running of aPlus Out of School Care Limited. Unless required by law, the lists held will not be disposed of or sold to any other person or company and remain for the exclusive use of aPlus.

aPlus Out of School Care Limited


Effective 3rd May 2021

  1. Late Booking Rate

For all After School Care bookings received after cut-off: $22.00 per child per day

For all Holiday Programme bookings received after cut-off, the amount payable will be the programme fee plus:

Where the child/ren is collected before 3pm: $ 5.00 per child per day

Where the child/ren is collected after 3pm: $22.00 per child per day

  1. Casual Care Rate (Walk-Ins)

For all After School Care provided without a booking: $25.00 per child per day

For all Holiday care provided without a booking, the amount payable will be the programme fee plus:

Where the child/ren is collected before 3pm: $ 8.50 per child per day

Where the child/ren is collected after 3pm: $25.00 per child per day

  1. Holiday Programme (where available)

Please refer to the current Holiday Programme for specific session charges. Our current programme can be found online at from the end of term through the holiday period. A standard Holiday Programme session runs from centre opening until 3pm. Additional care after this time is available (contact our office for standard session charges).

  1. Additional Charges

Late Collection Fee: $2.00 per child in addition to the extended session time charge – applicable when the child/ren is collected after their booked session, during standard hours

After Hours Fee: $5.50 per minute per child – applicable when the child/ren is collected after centre close

  1. Account Charges

    1. Late Payment Fee

Accounts are reviewed weekly. Any overdue amounts may incur a late payment fee of $20.00 per week the account remains in arrears, until settlement in full or an instalment plan is agreed upon with aPlus.

    1. Cheque Fee

A $0.25 cheque fee is applicable to any payments made by cheque.

    1. Credit Card Payment Processing Fee

A 5% processing fee will be applied to all amounts paid by credit card.