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Credit card payments incur a 5% surcharge. Internet Banking payments do not incur this fee.

Items with an asterisk must be completed before your booking can proceed.

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give permission for aPlus Limited to use any photos taken of my child(ren) engaged in an activity with aPlus Out of School Care Limited or Sports Academy, for publicity and promotional purposes.

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From all of us at aPlus, Welcome! We will do our utmost to ensure that you and your family are made to feel comfortable and welcome at every stage of your journey. These Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) set out our commitments to you, and your obligations to us, in short a contract, so that these objectives can be achieved to everyone’s satisfaction.


aPlus Out of School Care Limited (herein referred to as ‘aPlus’) reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions and attached schedules at any time without notice.


By booking care for your child/ren with aPlus, either online at or by phone, you are indicating your booking is a binding contract between aPlus and the person signing the booking and that you accept the aPlus Terms and Conditions and all attached schedules contained herein.

OUR PROMISE: If you are ever dissatisfied with any aspect of our programmes and feel that matters have not been fully resolved, please let us know so that we can do everything we can to help make your experience a positive one.

By enrolling your child for the programmes recorded on the aPlus registration form, you indicate that you agree to be bound by all the aPlus Terms & Conditions.


  1. Our various aPlus programmes are described at:
  2. If you need more information about the aPlus programmes or would like to discuss any matters relating to our programmes, please do not hesitate to call or email us at aPlus Customer Service or by calling 0800 423 400


aPlus recognises that in some cases a shared/split care arrangement may exist. To avoid any doubt, aPlus will only create one account per family, assigned to the first parent or guardian that applies for care for their child(ren). If there is a shared/split care arrangement, separate bookings will be accepted but there will be only be one operating account. Payments to this account can be paid by both or more parties. If an account becomes in arrears, care will cease and any payments missed are the responsibility of the parent or guardian that opened the account. If there is a court-ordered shared/spilt care arrangement, there will still only be one operational account. As of 1st November 2023, any shared/split care accounts will be merged and statements sent to both parties.

  1. You confirm that:
    • you are the parent or legal guardian of the registered child,
    • all information provided to aPlus for the registered child (including medical information, medications, contact persons and persons authorised to collect the child) is accurate and complete in all respects and will be promptly updated by you as, and when necessary. This is possible through the My aPlus customer portal.
  2. You give permission for the registered child to participate in all aPlus programme activities included in the daily plan, and on those days, for which the child is registered, including watching occasional G rated videos/movies supervised by an aPlus staff member.
  3. You authorise aPlus staff and representatives:
    • with your permission, to consult with the registered child’s school regarding any behavioural or medical management issues in order to provide consistency and enhance the care provided for your child.
    • in the event of an accident or illness, to administer appropriate first aid, and to obtain all necessary medical assistance and treatment for your child, including ambulance transportation, and agree to meet any expense for such medical assistance and treatment.
    • to apply generic sunscreen to your child if necessary, and if you do not provide sunscreen for the child’s personal use,. aPlus uses the Sunscreen Circle method. Sunscreen Circle – the children in swimmers stand in a circle and apply their own sunscreen to the front of their own bodies, then turn around to apply sunscreen to the back of the child in front of them. This is supervised at all times. aPlus Leaders will check that ear tips, back of neck, noses and cheeks are also covered sufficiently.
    • Photographs, Videos and Sound Recordings: In the course of providing its childcare and programmes, aPlus will normally take photographs, videos and/or sound recordings of the participating children. aPlus believes that you would reasonably expect us to use such photographs, videos and/or sound recordings for the following purposes, as they are directly related to, and essential in order for aPlus to provide you and your children with the full benefits of the aPlus childcare and programmes:
      • archival records of your child’s participation – e.g. children regularly create art material in which their image is used to personalise the work. This work is displayed at the centre or taken home. (e.g. – Astronaut in Space, a headshot of the child is inserted into an astronaut’s helmet as the focus of the artwork ‘astronaut in space’).
      • reporting to parents and caregivers
      • documenting learning experiences and activities
      • sharing experiences of your child within the aPlus programme through various media (e.g. newsletters, visual displays, emails to families),
      • development of aPlus professional material for training purposes and internal aPlus communications These photographs, videos and sound recordings are not used by aPlus for biometric matching or identification and are not provided to any third party. You may withdraw your implied consent at any time through your aPlus account.
  4. Use for Additional Purposes. aPlus requests your consent to aPlus using such photographs, videos of your children for advertising and marketing of the aPlus Out of School Care and activities programmes.


  1. It is your responsibility to have the registered child signed into the relevant programme on the appropriate aPlus documentation (sign in or sign out), on arrival and departure each day that they attend, and to notify aPlus staff if the child is absent on a day that they are booked to attend the Service. aPlus staff are not responsible for the registered child until they are signed into the programme and are not responsible for the child after they have been signed out of the programme, by you or your authorised representative.
  2. If the registered child does not meet the aPlus policies for standards of behaviour or otherwise demonstrates inappropriate behaviour after guidance procedures have been implemented, aPlus reserves the right to suspend the child’s enrolment for a notified period or to exclude the child permanently from the programme. When requested by aPlus staff, you will immediately make arrangements to collect from the programme venue a child who has been suspended or excluded.
  3. aPlus has a Zero Tolerance Policy to address bullying, hitting, use of inappropriate language or disruption of the scheduled programme. If a child presents a possible danger to any person, or repeatedly shows a lack of respect to staff by consistently failing to follow reasonable directions, the child may be suspended or permanently removed from the programme. If a child is removed from our programme for this reason, their behaviour may be reported to Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children. aPlus is legally required to follow the Ministry's guidelines in reporting suspicions of child abuse.
  4. You will ensure that the registered child will not attend the programme if they are suffering from an infectious or communicable disease as identified by the Ministry of Health. aPlus staff will not accept a child at the programme if it appears to them that the child is suffering from an infectious or communicable disease, or in the opinion of the aPlus staff is too unwell to attend the programme.
  5. When requested by aPlus staff, you will immediately make arrangements to collect from the service venue, a registered child who, in the aPlus staff opinion, is suffering from an infectious or communicable disease or is too unwell to continue participating. You will not bring the child back to the programme until 24 hours after the illness or disease has passed, or as per the exclusion period listed by the Ministry of Health, or until you have produced the required medical certificate if one has been requested by aPlus staff.
  6. If the registered child is subject to suspension or exclusion from the programme or is withdrawn from the programme due to medical reasons, aPlus may disclose the child’s name and reasons for the suspension or exclusion to persons in control of the school or institution at which the programme is operated.


  1. New families with children with Additional needs, will be required to discuss your child’s attendance with aPlus Management before your child can attend. Please contact us on 0800 423 400 Please note that if your child requires an extra staff member to help support their time with us, we require a minimum of four weeks notice to apply for additional funding. Any requests for care with less than four weeks notice cannot be guaranteed.
  2. If the registered child has a medical condition, dietary requirement or any other additional need, you are responsible for providing an Action Plan and supporting documentation to aPlus, before the child’s attendance at any aPlus programmes. If you have special dietary needs, you are required to provide the special foods.
  3. You must provide your Child’s Medication to the aPlus staff if the registered child has a medical Action Plan that requires Medication to be administered.
  4. You will be required to complete a Risk Minimisation plan and a Medical Information and Consent form with the person in charge on your child’s first day.


  1. aPlus is not liable for any personal injury, property damage, personal items (such as spectacles, jewellery and electronic devices), or other loss, due to any cause whatsoever, which is sustained by the registered child or their parent or guardian, as a result of participation in a programme activity (including excursions), unless the injury, damage or loss was caused by the proven negligence of aPlus, its directors or employees, except as otherwise expressly required by law.
  2. You will indemnify aPlus (including its directors, officers and employees) against any costs, expenses or liability incurred as a result of any injury to any other child, aPlus staff or any other person, or any loss or damage to property, which is caused by the registered child at the programme venue or at an excursion location.


You can rest assured that aPlus protects you and your children’s personal information in accordance  with the Privacy Act 2020, as set out in its Privacy Policy found here.

  1. The collection and use of any information about yourself or children attending aPlus programmes is governed by the Privacy Act 2020. All information you provide to aPlus is stored in a safe, secure place.
  2. You may access and correct any information held by aPlus via My aPlus. Any personal information may be used in the development and the running of aPlus Out of School Care Limited but will not be available outside of the parameters of the aPlus secure storage.
  3. All private information that is no longer relevant to either aPlus or to you as the parent or guardian of a registered child in our programme, is collected and processed by a document destruction service. Unless required by law, the lists held will not be disposed of or sold to any other person or company and remain for the exclusive use of aPlus.


Sign in and Sign Out
To ensure the safety and security of all children in our care, it is mandatory for all attendees of an aPlus programme to be signed in upon arrival at Morning Care and Holiday Programmes, and signed out upon departure from After School Care and Holiday Programmes. Children will only be released from the programme upon being signed out by a parent or authorised caregiver who is over 14 years of age. It is imperative that aPlus is notified in advance if someone other than the individuals specified during enrolment will be collecting your child/ren. Failure to sign out a child will result in a $5 fee per child.

Unadvised Absence
Failure to advise aPlus of an absence prior to the booked session commencing may incur additional charges.

Late Collection
Collection of a child/ren after the conclusion of their booked session time will incur additional charges which will be added to your account.

After Hours Collection
aPlus centres close at 6pm sharp (5:30pm for selected centres). Collection of a child/ren after this time will incur additional charges which will be added to your account. aPlus reserve the right to discontinue care for repeat occurrences.


aPlus encourages children, parents, guardians and community members to provide feedback on our policies, procedures and services and welcomes each feedback as a means of improving its service delivery and upholding positive relationships between aPlus and its partners.

aPlus provides guidelines on managing disputes and incidents in a fair and equitable manner, as well as within a reasonable timeframe. aPlus recognises the rights of all children, families and community members to have a clear, concise and transparent Grievance and Complaints procedure.

Where possible, complaints will be addressed by the Centre Coordinator in charge at the venue. If the complaint is about an issue that our team considers to be outside their control, or the complainant does not feel they wish to share it with the Co-ordinator, they may be directed to our Customer Service team (0800 423 400 or, for their complaint to be resolved. Families are encouraged to make time with the programme Coordinator, so that supervisor to child ratios are not impacted.

aPlus has an obligation to inform the relevant regulatory authority of complaints alleging that the safety, health or wellbeing of a child or children was or is being compromised while that child or children is or are being educated and cared for by the service.

PROCEDURES: All families will be informed of complaints and grievances procedures, through the availability of this policy on the aPlus website in the T&Cs, or a hard copy can be provided from the centre on request.

Feedback will be sought regularly from families and children to provide them with an opportunity to provide feedback and contribute to ways in which the programme might be improved. To do this, aPlus will communicate quarterly surveys to parents, guardians, and caregivers for feedback on their programmes and services. One question survey will be given verbally through aPlus, these quick survey questions are designed to have minimum impact on the speed and efficiency of the My aPlus engagement.

Any complaints or reports of discrimination, harassment or bullying will be addressed quickly, seriously, and empathetically. The complaint will be investigated promptly and thoroughly, with resolutions made effective within 48 hours of the time the complaint is received, where possible.

All complaints will be investigated fairly and impartially. The complaint and investigation procedure will be kept entirely confidential, however, aPlus are sometimes unable to guarantee confidentiality depending on the nature of the complaint.

A complaint may be withdrawn at any stage. It is unlawful to disadvantage or victimise a person for making a complaint of discrimination. Under no circumstances will any person victimise or retaliate against another person who makes a complaint.

Where the complaint is about an aPlus staff member, the individual will be notified of the complaint, and its nature, as soon as possible. The aPlus staff member will be given an opportunity to have a right of reply and will be required not to communicate with the complainant about the complaint during this period. If the complaint is assessed to be substantiated, the resolutions will be discussed and agreed between all parties.

If, following investigation, a complaint is assessed to have no foundation, both parties will be informed, and the reasons will be explained. All steps within the process, including findings, will be documented to further inform policy and procedures review, staff professional development opportunities and quality improvement development.


If a child wishes to raise a complaint against another child at the programme, they will be encouraged to talk to their Co-ordinator or preferred Supervisor about the issue.  Staff will support children to manage their relationships and behaviours at the programme in accordance with policies on aPlus Interactions with Children on Programme and Guiding Children’s Behaviour.

If a child wishes to raise a complaint against an aPlus staff member at the programme, the child will be encouraged to talk to another Supervisor or the Centre Coordinator. Children are also encouraged and supported to discuss their experiences at the programme with their families.

If a child wishes to raise a complaint against a Parent/Guardian or other adult, the Coordinator will assess the complaint and discuss any serious issue with the aPlus Special Projects Manager who will advise on the resolution of this. For any serious allegations, refer to the ‘Child Protection Policy

If a child has a concern about anything or anyone at the service, they are encouraged to discuss the issue with the Supervisor or Co-ordinator they know best. Supervisors and Coordinators support children to talk about things they like and things they don’t like with their families.

Families may need to assist their children to communicate with aPlus staff about issues at the programme and time to talk about these may be arranged at pick up or collection times. Although it is not a formal requirement, children are welcome to submit their complaint verbally or in writing.

To help in the resolution of the complaint, if the complaint is in writing, aPlus asks that the following information is provided by the child, with the assistance of a family member:

  1. Date(s) and time(s) of the occurrence(s) causing the complaint;
  2. Where the problem happened;
  3. Who was involved;
  4. What caused the problem; and
  5. Steps taken to date to try and resolve the problem.


If a Parent/Guardian wishes to raise a complaint against a child or other Parent/Guardian at the programme, the Special Projects Manager or Regional Manager will discuss with the Parent/Guardian raising the complaint about the issue.

The child or Parent/Guardian who the complaint is about will not be included in any conversation or confrontation by the Parent/Guardian that is the complainant, and in allegations of a serious nature the Special Projects Manager or Regional Manager will use professional discretion when assessing the other child and their family’s involvement.

If a Parent/Guardian wishes to raise a complaint against an aPlus staff member at the programme, this is to be communicated with the Special Projects Manager or Regional Manager.


  1. Incidents/Accidents: Should an incident/accident occur while your child/ren is in the care of aPlus a detailed incident/accident report will be completed by attending staff. The report will be made available to the parent/caregiver collecting the child/ren for signing to indicate their acknowledgement. If further action is required, this will be discussed with all parties and aPlus management.
  2. Incidents: aPlus has a Zero Tolerance Policy to bullying, hitting, use of inappropriate language or disruption of our programme. If a child presents a possible danger to any person, or repeatedly shows a lack of respect to staff by consistently failing to follow reasonable directions, the child may be suspended or permanently removed from the programme. If a child is removed from programme’s for this reason, their behaviour may be reported to Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children. aPlus is legally required to follow the Ministry's guidelines in reporting suspicions of child abuse.
  3. Accidents: While the utmost care is taken with children in our care, accidents may occur at any time. aPlus Centre staff hold current First Aid Certification and use their discretion when administering first aid to your child/ren. Should an accident be deemed serious, aPlus staff will contact emergency services immediately (if required) and office staff will contact you on the numbers provided. Please ensure our office has your current contact details at all times. Parents/Guardians will be contacted immediately where an accident results in a knock to the head. If parents are not available, emergency services will be called.


aPlus reserves the right to refuse care to any person/s for any reason, at any time.

  1. Bookings: Payment for out of school care is required PRIOR to care commencing, unless a payment plan has been established with aPlus by phoning the office on 0800 423 400 or emailing us on Failure to make payment prior to care commencing may result in cancellation of care.
  2. Confirmation of Care: Once your booking is received a place is confirmed for your child and appropriate charges are payable. In all cases, aPlus reserves the right to refuse care in the event of non-payment or violation of aPlus Behaviour Management conditions. Should you no longer require the booked care there are no refunds available.
  3. Changes to Bookings: Please notify the office as soon as you are aware of changes to your booking either by phone 0800 423 400 or email Should your circumstances change or care is no longer required, whether a one-off or permanent change, your account will be credited with the value of the cancelled care provided aPlus is notified of the change by midday on the Thursday of the week prior to care commencing. Any changes or cancellations after this time will be charged as normal.
  4. Late Bookings: Bookings received after midday of the Thursday of the week prior to cut-off will automatically be extended to centre close and charged at the aPlus Late Booking Rate. While aPlus will make every effort to accommodate your request, spaces are limited so late bookings cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Casual Care (No booking): In the instance a child attends an aPlus programme and has not been booked in advance, care will be provided until centre close and the aPlus Casual Care rate will be charged. While aPlus will make every effort to accommodate your request, spaces are limited so casual care cannot be guaranteed.
  6. Work and Income Subsidies: Families entitled to receive a Work and Income subsidy for childcare are required to book for the entire term, unless on shift work. Please contact aPlus on 0800 423 400 if this affects you. Weekly payment of any charges not covered by the subsidy is required by midday of the Thursday prior to care commencing. Please note: it is your responsibility to notify WINZ immediately should your circumstances change.
  7. School Closures: When required, extended sessions may be available for early school closures, teacher only days and other special days at additional cost.
  8. Accounts/Payment: In all cases accounts must be paid at least one week in advance, with payment being received by us no later than midday Thursday of the week prior to care commencing. Payment plans for term bookings are accepted provided accounts are maintained one week in advance.
  9. Statements: Statements are sent out weekly for accounts with current or overdue balances. Accounts with credit balances will not receive a statement. Account enquiries can be made by phoning 0800 423 400. You may be asked security questions to confirm your identity (refer to the Privacy section below).
  10. Paying your Account: aPlus prefers payment by bank transfer to our account 38-9015-0327090-01. aPlus also welcomes payments by credit card (processing fee applies). In the interest of security we do not accept cash payments at our centres.
  11. Accounts in Credit: There are no refunds for prepaid fees, credits on your account or overpayments. Credit balances can be applied to future Before or After School Care or School Holiday Programmes. Please manage your payments so that you are not too far in credit as there are no refunds.
  12. Overdue Accounts: A Late Payment Fee may be charged each week an account retains an outstanding balance at the time weekly statements are sent out, unless a payment plan has been agreed upon with aPlus. Should you be experiencing difficulty with paying your account please call our office immediately to avoid further fees. Failure to settle an overdue account or adhere to payment plan terms may result in cancellation of care.
  13. Unpaid Accounts: aPlus may refer any account remaining unpaid after 6 weeks to the District Court as a Breach of Contract and to a Debt Collection agency using the information provided on your enrolment form. Late Payment Fees may still apply and all charges relating to the debt, including court and/or collection costs, is fully payable by the person/s named on the enrolment form. If an account is in arrears, information about the person and the amount owing may be published on our website or at our centres. This information will be removed immediately upon receipt of payment. Should the account be referred to District Court then all court costs will be borne by the person/s named on the enrolment form.


Cancellations and additional fees relating to your service can be viewed via your My aPlus account.

  1. Daily fees can be found on the aPlus website under the SHP booking page.
  2. Outstanding Debt: At the conclusion of the Holiday programme, if your account has an outstanding amount and there are either no payments or two consecutive failed payments, you will be charged a late fee and your outstanding account will be referred to a recovery agent. All associated costs with this process will be paid for by the account holder.
  3. Cancelled Programmes due to Weather: Holiday programmes are subject to cancellation or alteration on short-notice in the event of unsuitable weather conditions or other factors which may arise that are beyond aPlus control. An alternative programme will be slotted into place and will not incur any additional charge for the day.

Excursions: You give permission for the registered child to leave the premises where the programme is normally provided, to participate in external activities as indicated in programme. Please note, where required, excursion authorisation forms will need to be completed before your child can participate in external activities, these are completed on the day at the service.


Cancellation and additional fees relating to your service can be viewed via your aPlus account.

  1. Cancellations: In the event of the registered child experiencing a medical illness preventing attendance, you will have to email a medical certificate to aPlus at before the charge date to not be charged for the session.
  2. Outstanding Debt: If you have either no payments, or two consecutive failed payments, then all future bookings will immediately be cancelled and your outstanding account will be referred to either the District Court and/or a recovery agent. A late fee will also be added to your account. Once your outstanding account is referred to a Debt Collector and/or legal representative, all associated costs (including Court Costs) with this process will be paid for by the account holder.