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The Omicron variant of Covid-19 is now spreading rapidly throughout the country and our local communities.  This is impacting all New Zealand businesses in many ways.

aPlus has been experiencing some staffing issues mainly due to staff taking COVID tests which requires, in some instances, a short period of isolation until the required number of tests are completed.

The current situation is changing daily, but at present it seems to only be getting worse as the virus increases its grip on the country.  

We have seen increasing absenteeism within our students and staff which impacts on our service delivery.


aPlus has strong continuity plans in place to ensure that we are able to maintain our care operations to meet our customer’s needs and to continue to supply the quality of service that you currently receive.

However, during this uncertain period of national restraint, we do ask all of our customers to please book early in advance of your needs by the Thursday evening prior to the next week’s care. You may notice that if bookings are not received in time, you may have to phone in, and this does not guarantee care due to staff:children ratios.

This may be a problem for shift workers, but together we will work to get a suitable solution.

   Covid Compliance Cost

This is a new and temporary charge that you will see on your account. It is partly covers:

  • Additional staff costs to pay for staff that have to be on standby and ready to fill in for another staff member that is symptomatic and for staff that are on household isolation. Important due to the fact that we need to maintain staff to child ratios;
  • The continued cost of providing hand sanitisers, wipes and other COVID measures to keep everyone as safe as possible.
  • Additional staffing hours to cover cleaning to maintain safe areas for the children and our staff;
  • Most schools are now having an earlier release time, and even though some schools are not, the cost has been covered by spreading a general fee across the board. The charge does not cover the full costs to be compliant and aPlus will still continue to make up the shortfall.
  • The charge will cease when schools go back to original closing times.
  • Clients that receive a WINZ subsidy will have to submit a "Change of Session Form" to cover the additional charge and the additional time. We have completed those forms for qualifying parents and they will be available at your centre..

We thank you for your continued support and be assured we are making our best efforts in these trying times.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones

From all of the Team at aPlus Ltd

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